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    Thanks for the additional background. The current Message Saver 2.0 applet does not work with the On Message Arrival event (received event). It may be possible for us to modify the solution to do so. The reason is that you must have a message selected before it will save it.

    One work-around may be to write a another applet which:

    • integrates with the On Message Arrival event
    • selects the incoming message
    • chains Message Saver

    The only problem is that in a very busy client, the GroupWise event system may ‘lose’ events, thus potentially missing a message save. There are a number of approaches to help address this type of problem. One approach would be to mark/categorize a message once it is saved successfully, then run a process at some point to check that all messages are marked. If not, save the ones which were ‘missed’. This approach would require additional custom development of Message Saver 2.0 or ancillary applets.


    In your product info for Message Saver Pack 2.0, under “Benefits” you mention:
    “Import messages into GroupWise or other document management systems.”
    Could you elaborate on this process and explain how Message Saver would be involved?

    Message Saver is involved to the extent that in response to a user action, such as message selection and clicking the save button, it exports the GroupWise message(s) to one or more Advansys Portable Message disk files in a target output folder. This facilitates the import into external applications such as a DMS. As an example, you may define the default Message Saver output folder to be one which is periodically monitored by a DMS and imported automatically. In this simple example the DMS import would need to take care of metadata and profile generation.

    In short, the current Message Saver solution alone will not achieve your objective. Apart from the Message Saver component, which would provide the most flexibility but more development on your part, there may be other approaches. We will discuss your latest post with the engineers to see what else can be done.


    Advansys Support