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    Formativ do not support multi tasking and designed to execute one applet at a time.

    We have followed your steps and can issue a send request on another email with the sample code provided. This behaviour only occurs if the VBS message box (i.e msgbox “the applet is waiting”) is used. It seems this instance, VBS message box works as non-modal dialogue box where user can do other things while it is there. If you use a modal dialogue (i.e Form, Delphi message dialog box) then user can not do anything else until it is complete. However, we could not reproduce the issue about the GroupWise client shuts down.

    In this case, we will recommend to use the messagedlg or Form. Please see the Delphi VCL help for more information about the MessageDlg function. Borland Delphi VCL help file can be downloaded from:

    See below a sample code of the Delphi message dialog box function:

    call messagedlg("the applet is waiting", mtError, 4, 0)

    Hope this helps.

    Advansys Support