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We have recently received similar enquiry from another client. Our engineers have done some quick tests, we can write an Applet to set the From address to the login user when proxy to another account. For example, User1 proxy to User2 and reply a message. Our Formativ applet will integrate with OnReply event and will change the From field to User1. Only issue we have found during testing, we use the Token API to set the from field, the received message will have the proxy account name. Example:

From: Test (Brian Smith) [Where “Brian Smith” is the proxy user]

The behaviour is different when the From field modified by the GroupWise client. We think the GroupWise client use different technique which not yet expose to Token API.

Currently we have limited resources as as we are participating in “GWAVACon – San Diego” seminar .

Please write a message to support (support@advansyscorp.com) to register your interest.

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