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    At this stage Message Saver 2.0 cannot be integrated into a DMS beyond what is possible with the out-of-the-box features. However, the underlying technology which forms the basis of the product, the Advansys Message Saver Component for .NET, may be licensed by Advansys to approved customers.

    The Message Saver Component is the core engine which accepts a GroupWise Message object and converts it to an Advansys Portable Message file (FML), which in turn can be displayed by the free Advansys Message Viewer. It can be used as a COM component from any COM compatible language, such as Formativ, Delphi, VB etc. or used as a native .NET assembly. As it is a developer component, it does provides core functionality and not the UI or file naming/management features which are written in the Message Saver 2.0 applet (which makes calls to the Message Saver component for .NET). This component must be licensed separately to other Advansys products on an organization-wide license basis.


    2. Is Message Saver efficient in exporting individual messages from large inboxes (3000+)? I cannot easily test this on our test environment.

    Not really sure how to answer this question. Efficiency and performance is relative. For the functionality it offers, we have made it as efficient as possible.


    3. Would I be able to see a sample of the code by which Message Saver saves and converts messages to FML? Ideally we would like to program this functionality into a Formativ applet that runs on every incoming message.

    We cannot provide Message Saver 2.0 code but if you think that you would like to explore the use of the Message Saver Component for .NET, we can provide a simple applet example which instantiates the component from Formativ. We have not tried implementing a solution which saves each incoming message (for a single user).


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