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Members properties of an address book entry will give you access to the group members. You need to make sure the objtype is group prior to access the members. See the Object API for more information about the properties and methods.

We also have a free solution Export Address Book Group Members to CSV in GroupWise Cool Solutions.

Here is a sample code:

dim x
dim oBook
dim iCounter
dim oABEntry

set oBook = groupwise.account.addressbooks.item("System")
set oABEntry = oBook.addressbookentries.item(1)

if (oABEntry.ObjType = fgwGroup) then
  iCounter = oABEntry.members.count
  for x = 1 to iCounter
    set oMember = oABEntry.members.item(x)
    msgbox oMember.displayname
end if

set oABEntry = nothing
set oBook = nothing

Hope this helps.

Advansys Support