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    How do you get solutions into a library from a file? Save it in your personal applets directory, then go in to the IDE and copy it over?

    Yes, that is a valid and probably the simplest approach. To see the applet copied applet in the IDE you need to restart the GroupWise client.

    Alternatively, assigning the FormativAdministrator role is not really a problem because it is only a pre-requisite for being able to manage a Formativ Applet Library.

    For a user to have Library Administrator access, which is required for publishing applets to an Applet Library, they must also be registered as a Library Administrator for each library they will manage.

    So your first idea of using a DevelopersLibrary is quite valid. Assign your developers to the FormativAdministrator role and as Library Administrators for just the DevelopersLibrary. Then the user responsible for publishing should have the FormativAdministrator role and Library Administrator status for both the DevelopersLibrary and the Libraries which will contain the ‘live’ solutions. This approach is also why we provide the option in Formativ Studio to disable the integrations of particular libraries, which means you don’t need to have all solutions active within your GroupWise client but you can still edit/publish them.


    I can’t test this as our evaluation *just* expired.

    Do you have another workstation on which you can install the software? That will give you another 30-days.

    I hope this helps.


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