Hello Support Team,

    thank you for your quick response. I really forgot to execute the Regocx.bat. The Smartfields Assistant now shows three tabs (Account, AddressBook, eDirectory) But only the AccountTab shows some GW-SmartFields. There are no SmartFiels under AddressBook and eDirectory.

    Multiple Signature shows an ErrorWindow: [[AB:FAX Number]] oject required

    I verified this on another PC. Installation:
    WinXP_SP2, NW-Client 4.91_SP4, GW 7.02, Java 6up7, dotnet 3.5, IE 6.029, VB runtime 6.0, NDK activeX controls core, NDK activeX controls NDAP, Formativ Runtime 2.0.1, Multiple Signatures 2.0.18.

    did I forget anythin else?

    Kind Regards
    Johannes Meyer