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    We are unable to re-produce the behaviour in GroupWise client 7.0.3 (8/03/2008). It print one page from the draft message and received message where the Font modified by the code above. The font and size appear to be fine in print out.

    Well, that’s a good thing to know. At least it now throws suspicion into their environment as to why messages created with this applet are not printing properly.

    1 thing I forgot to mention. Not sure how much it affects the tests. The client has locked the client to only allow text-mode; HTML-encoded messages are disallowed.


    However, the code above change the Font to “Arial” but the font size change to “8”, default font size is “10” and font “Tahoma”. Does your font size change when you run the code? May be a bug in the GroupWise “Fontset()” token.

    Yes, additional tests had the font style and size change to whatever was set, unless there was a typo in the style. in that case, it reverted to Tahoma 8-pt, which is what the client has set as their default font for their Windows XP Message Box font.


    Which version of the GroupWise client you are running (see Help and About GroupWise)? You may need to upgrade the client to latest release.

    The client is still at 6.5.7 (2007-09-13). They’re still a few months away from upgrading their environment to GW7. However, they are trying to get the formativ runtime seet up in their development environment, where they are testing their GW7 upgrade strategy. Hopefully I’ll be able to test it there.

    Thanks again for the quick response.