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    I’m searching for a groupwise-event which occurs everytime before an appointment will be posted to the calendar. The event must occur at every appointment-type (regardless if it’s a posted appointment or whatever). So the event should be something like a OnAppointmentSave event.

    You should be able to use the appointment On send event. Open Formativ IDE – Select the applet – select Integrations tab – Click Appointments events – click on send. Restart GroupWise after you set the event.


    I’m asking this because I’d like to change the subject of an appointment before it will be posted to the calendar. Is this possible at all, and if yes, how can I realise it?

    If the appointment is posted or personal then you can change the subject. You can probably use the ‘ItemSetText’ token to set the subject. See the Formativ language guide and GroupWise Token API for information about the token and parameters.


    Or is it also possible to add a personal field to the appointment before it will be stored?

    You can only add custom field to a message using the GroupWise Object API.

    Hope this helps.

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