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    See below a sample code to set the cursor and delphi “VCL Reference”:

    Show hourglass cursor
    Screen.Cursor = crHourGlass

    Show default cursor
    Screen.Cursor = crDefault

    Delphi “VCL Reference”:


    Controls the mouse cursor image on a global level.

    property Cursor: TCursor;


    Set Cursor to override the cursor image associated with individual control objects. When Cursor is crDefault, the individual objects determine the cursor image. Assigning any other value sets the mouse cursor image for all windows belonging to the application. The global mouse cursor image remains in effect until the screen’s Cursor property is changed back to crDefault.

    Cursor can be set to any of the cursor values available in the Cursors property. This can be one of the built-in cursor values, or a custom cursor that has been added to the Cursors property.

    Note: Changes to the value of the Cursor property may not show up immediately. Call Application.ProcessMessages to allow the application to respond to a notification that the value has changed.

    Hope this helps.

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