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    I’m still waiting for a response from the GroupWise support forums, but I’ve tried your other suggestions. In 3 different trees (all running eDir 8739), using 3 different desktops in each environment (Win2kSP4, WinXP-SP1, WinXP-SP2), all with GW703 (1 was upgraded from 6.5.7 directly to 703, 1 from 700 to 703 and 1 703 natively) and to 3 different printers (1 in each of the 3 environments), I had the same results. If I manually create the message and change the font in the same order that the applet would have performed the tasks, the results are as expected – 1 page. But with the applet, it’s around 12 pages.

    While waiting for the GW support team to respond to my query, I’ll try DLing the free DebugView utility from SysInternals, and see if I can find anything that way.

    I’ll provide another update when I get through the debugs.