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    I have been testing this further and have now released 2.0.1 to all our users. I intend to use the new API feature as a test for Formativ being present and the applets being there.

    Having messed around with various machines and logins I have discovered the following …

    Running the install with all_users does seem to work for any user that had already previously logged into a PC and therefore had a Windows profile.

    Any fresh users to a machine do not get Formativ and the installation has to be re-run.

    Adding the key to the Local_Machine hive doesn’t seem to do anything. The export of my test machine’s key is below …

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWARENovellGroupWiseClientThird Party]
    “DLL1″=”C:\Program Files\Advansys\Formativ\TokenBlocker.dll”

    I did discover the key had ‘odd’ permissions when it first went in (created by a VB app) but having corrected the permissions to Read/Full control for everybody (on the Third Party key) and rebooted, it still ignores my case-study user.

    The only thing that distinguishes this user from any other on the PC is that his profile was created after the Formativ installation was done.

    I am sure that if I run the installation again he will suddenly have Formativ attached to his Groupwise, however I am running out of practise logins so I would rather keep him broken and find a better way to fix him than a re-install.

    All users are local admins on our PCs.

    This problem is becoming a serious pain because as new people join, or as old PCs are “handed down” when new ones arrive, we are getting profiles that don’t acknowledge Formativ.

    The user may not even realise this at first because the system concerned needs Formativ running in order to interact with the user.