Currently, we are using the following solution, using Word 2003:
    – opening up template document
    – setting main document type to ‘E-mail messages’
    – opening data source, .csv file
    – when having a look at ‘Mail Merge Recipients’, all EmailIDs in the file look great
    – then ‘Merge to E-mail’, To: EmailID, Mail format: Plain text (and not HTML), all looks fine for all records HOWEVER, some emails are sent to the wrong recipient email (2%).
    (HTML Mail format won’t send a thing.)
    (Attachment Mail format seems to go through ok but not necessarily want we want.)

    You strongly recommend NOT using Microsoft Word … we have lots of IFs when inserting MERGEFIELDs in the template. Can you recommend another tool with which we could do the same? And is Word not compatible even if it is a plain text message we are working with?

    Thank you