I cannot reproduce the same behaviour. The draft message was removed from the deleted items if I call message.delete. I also noticed you create the draft message in the Mailbox folder. I recommend you create the draft message in the Work-In-Progress folder. Try the code below to remove the draft message from trash entries collection. Hope this helps.

    sub ResendMail (Msg)
    Dim objMail
    Dim objNewMail
    Dim objRecipient

    Set objMail = GroupWise.Account.WorkFolder.Messages.Add(“GW.MESSAGE.MAIL”, fgwDraft)
    Set objRecipient = objMail.Recipients.Add(GroupWise.Account.Owner.EmailAddress,,0)

    With objMail
    .Priority = fgwNormal
    .FromText = Msg.Sender
    .Subject = strPrefix & ” ” & Msg.Subject
    .BodyText.PlainText = “============= Orginal Message =============” & _
    vbcrlf & vbcrlf & _
    End With

    Set objNewMail = objMail.Send

    ‘ Removes from TrashEntries collection.
    set oTrashEntry = Groupwise.account.Trash.TrashEntries.ItemEx(objMail.MessageID)
    if not oTrashEntry is nothing then
    end if

    set objNewMail = Nothing
    Set objRecipient = Nothing
    Set objMail = Nothing


    Originally posted by GoumJer:

    thanks for your reply.

    Unfortunatly this doesn’t solve my problem. The draft message still is in the deleted items.

    Is there a command which does the same as the keyboard combination (really delete)?



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