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    See below the comments from the GroupWise Object API documentation about the Home folder


    For GroupWise 7.0 and later, the Name for the root folder is the User’s Display Name, concatenated with the localized word for home. For example, in GroupWise 6.5, the root folder name for user John Doe is “John Doe.” For GroupWise 7.0, that same root folder is now “John Doe Home.” Your application might need to check the ObjType property of a folder to ensure that it is the true root folder. If it is the root folder, you can access the Owner property of the account, then retrieve the DisplayName of the user from the returned Address object (which is the same string that is used to name the root folder in previous GroupWise versions).

    We are not sure about the localized word ‘Home’ in French. We have requested Novell to provide API support to access the exact root folder name with localized word of Home.

    You may need to ask this question to GroupWise API forum.

    Advansys Support