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It appears that we don’t provide any popup menu integrations for the document message type. We haven’t had any request about this integration. I will add this request into our enhancement database for future release. In the meantime, you can use the GroupWise toolbar or run menu integration. The user will need to select a document then press a GroupWise toolbar icon to execute the applet.


My goal is to create a popup and with it, the user could send a message with the document selected

I don’t think you can add a message type attachment using Token API. You probably need to use the Object and Token API to add an existing document into a message. Here is some sample code:

  set oMessage = Client.clientstate.commandmessage

  ' Create the message using Object API
  set oDraftMessage = groupwise.account.workfolder.messages.add("GW.MESSAGE.MAIL", fgwDraft)

  ' Add the selected message as an attachment (Object API)
  call oDraftMessage.attachments.add(oMessage, "")

  ' Open the draft message (Token API)
  call groupwise.itemopen(oDraftMessage.messageid, "")

  set oMessage = nothing
  set oDraftMessage = nothing

Hope this helps.

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