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    2) On a similar vein, I was trying to do a Reply from the right-click pop-up menu. Having highlighted my email, I right click and choose Reply.

    Using the trace feature I get event #54 as the choose type of reply box appears (to sender/to all)

    Then I get event #271 within my applet. Great so far.

    However, I can’t seem to get hold of the message that was selected.

    Calling to Client.ClientState.CommandMessage doesn’t work
    Nor does oAcct.GetMessage(Groupwise.ItemMessageIDFromView())

    This fails on all PCs – including the Creator one

    Is there some other way to detect which message is selected but not opened?

    Hi Simon,

    I could not reproduce the behaviour you described above. The following code shows the subject and message id when I select an email, right click and choose reply (sender/all).

    dim oMsg

    set oMsg = Client.ClientState.CommandMessage
    msgbox oMsg.subject & vbcrlf & oMsg.messageid

    set oMsg = nothing

    I am using GroupWise version 6.5.5 (build date 24/09/2005). I recall there was some events issues with GW 6.5.3 or some other version. May be you need to upgrade the GroupWise client. Another thought may be not practical in your situation, you can also modify the OnReply event (Formativ IDE) to execute Before GroupWise Event.

    Hope this helps