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Hi, Thanks for your reply.

Yes I have considered the ListView/RzListView. Unfortunately this control is far too simplistic / restrictive for use, as a) I need to display different types of dynamic fields, Edit Boxes, Lists, Combo Boxes, Dates, Times etc. and b) Even if I could create these datatypes within the list, I need to dynamically assign event handlers to these dynamic field values which are only known at run time

I have also considered using the HTML dialog to achieve the required functionality. Although the use of javascript would allow me to configure dynamic events, I would need to access information back inside the applet from within the javascript update, aka Reverse Ajax which I’m not sure I can achieve inside the portal.

Anyway, for now I’m back to using the forms designer creating dynamic fields, and then not having event handlers but instead creating a wizard style solution to handle data entry. This creates a much more long-winded solution, but it’ll be as functional as I can make it given the current restrictions previously mentioned.

Thanks again,