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Sorry I spoke too soon. I found the GroupWise.RuleLstDlg() command for opening the GW Rules Config module in the Formativ Language Guide. I also see how your Out of Office Applet is immitating the GW Rules.

However—and this might be too ambitious—but can we accomplish the following:

When a user composes a GroupWise message, it can be accessed using the GroupWise.ComposingItem property (CurrentItem). The body of this message can be accessed using GroupWise.ComposingItem.BodyText propety.

Now, when a user composes a GroupWise rule, is there not a similar property that returns the rule currently being composed and then a second property that allows you to write to the BodyText of the rule’s Reply action?

If not, please confirm that there is absolutely no way to customize GroupWise rules (on the client side, BEFORE rules are saved and executed at run-time) without rewriting the entire rule module in a custom applet.

I appreciate your input.