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Thanks for your answer, MA.


1) According to Novell, a defect prevented the On Reply event from firing when choosing an item from the Reply dropdown button. This was fixed in GroupWise 6.5 SP1 (and I believe also in 6.0x, retrospectively). However, I think the issue you have seen is probably related to the following.

In general when installing an applet which registers GroupWise integrations (eg. the On Reply event), GroupWise will need to be restarted twice. When GroupWise starts, Formativ checks each installed applet for integrations and registers them if not already registered. However, at this point GroupWise has completed its loading of integrations; only on the next start-up will the newly registered integrations be loaded. This issue is documented in the Formativ Developers Guide.

If Formativ Creator or Studio is used to change an applet’s integrations (ie. at design-time), GroupWise will need to be restarted just once. This is because the Formativ IDE registers changes to integrations whenever they are made.

Neither your Trace Events applet nor a specific way of closing GroupWise will make the integrations apply.

2) An alternative way to access the selected message (ie. a message which is not open for viewing/composing) is via the SelectedMessages collection. This might be required as a workaround for an earlier version of GroupWise than MA’s. Here is some sample code:

  set oMessageList = oClient.ClientState.SelectedMessages
  if oMessageList.Count > 0 then
    set oMsg = oMessageList.Item(1) ' this is a 1-based collection
    ' do stuff with oMsg...
  end if

I hope this helps.

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