Thanks for the response.

> The additional space before each line-break could be a result of the encoding of your line breaks in the file. From memory GroupWise prefers CR/LF pairs (i.e. #13 #10). Some files, (notably those from Unix) use other conventions that can throw GroupWise out.

it would be nice if it were this easy … but no. it is a text file created in notepad on windows XP. notepad has no concept of unix linebreaks and always uses the windows linebreak rn (the same as vbCrLf) – the linebreak that GroupWise likes, so unfortunately I doubt it would be this. As for encoding, I’m not sure how notepad handles 8859-1 (Western European encoding), but that should not be affecting the issues, since my emails are created with the same encoding when I type them directly into the GW client.

> I do recall problems with message body text handling on some older versions of GroupWise (5.5?), but thought most of them had been fixed by Novell. Again, you may wish to check the character encoding in your file.

And again, unfortunately not – I’m using GroupWise 6.5 SP 1

I guess this is just the GroupWise API not doing exactly what it should ….

The text is perfectly fine before I write it into the body. GroupWise seems to add the extra characters, and the GWIA truncates it (maybe this has something to do with the content-length header)

Never mind. I just append an extra space to the end of the message. When the GWIA truncates it, it doesn’t matter.