Thanks for all your replies

    That test was very helpful and something I should have done myself – thanks!

    Integration with the main toolbar I’d tried and although the button does appear down on the Quickviewer’s toolbar it’s also on the Groupwise Main toolbar which I don’t really want.

    I was hoping to get the button to appear on the ‘item context’ toolbar of the Quickviewer which is over to the right by default. Doesn’t look like Formativ can do that so I’ll just have to disappoint Quickviewer users.

    The test for Shared status is tidier than mine, thanks, missed that one in the API help.

    I do realise the API isn’t your responsibility but in this case it was the connection between Formativ’s events and the current folder/message I was struggling with.

    Once I have got the object I want; be it message, folder, or whatever; I am usually OK with following the API through. Its getting to them in the first place and being sure I have the right one!

    Still, by a combination of randomly changing things, helpful input from yourselves/others on this site, and coffee I now have an applet that is mostly behaving and can cope with various shared folder scenarios.

    Thanks again