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Thanks for your enquiry.

While I don’t have a working sample available, the following should work.

  • If you have not already done so, use the Formativ Form Designer to add a form to your applet.
  • Go to the Component Palette’s Netware tab, select ‘NWDir’ and click the form surface to add this component. If your form is named ‘MainForm’, the new component name will be ‘MainFormNWDir1’.
  • Go to the Object Inspector and select the Events tab, then double-click OnSearchCompleted. This will add the following to your applet source code:
    Sub MainFormNWDir1SearchCompleted(Sender, Results)
    End Sub

  • Now add code for your application:
    Sub MainFormNWDir1SearchCompleted(Sender, Results)
      for each item in Results
        ' item is a string, the full name of an object in the Directory.
        call MainFormListBox1.Items.Add(item)
    End Sub

    This code assumes the existence of a ListBox control named ‘MainFormLIistBox1’ on the form.

Note: If the above does not work (or if you prefer to use VBScript’s CreateObject and the control’s ProgID to create an instance of this control), it may be possible to bind a VBScript handler (ie. procedure) to the SearchCompleted event with the GetRef function.

I hope this helps.

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