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    ItemDelete() token deletes an item from the Mailbox or Sent Items. This token has optional parameters to deletes all instances of autodate item and retracts a Sent Items. We tried this token and couldn’t get to delete appointment from other members calendar. Seems like this token only delete messages from current account. The code below use the ThrowToken method which uses the native GroupWise Token Commander to execute the given token.

    set oApptMsg = Client.clientstate.commandmessage
    iSyntax = “ItemDelete(“”” & oApptMsg.messageid & “””;1;;1;292)”
    msgbox groupwise.throwtoken(iSyntax, returnVal)

    See the Formativ Language Guide for syntax about the ThrowToken method and GroupWise online Tokens documentation for more information about available tokens. It’s often worthwhile posting questions about the GroupWise APIs to the appropriate Novell Developer Support Forums. While we always try to respond where possible, time constraints may prevent us from fully answering enquiries about issues that are specific to the GroupWise APIs.

    Hope this helps.

    Advansys Support