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Thank you for your enquiry, and for feedback – always valuable!

This problem with saving a folder is to do with automatic selection of a message list item in GroupWise. While you clearly have a folder selected, you will also have one message selected by default. Message Saver gives priority to the selected message(s) over the folder.

At present I know of two ways around this:

  • Save the folder. Deselect the first message – either:
    a) click the item with the mouse while holding down CTRL, or
    b) press CRTL+SPACE
  • Save all messages. Select all messages in the list – either:
    a) press CTRL+A, or
    b) scroll to the end of the list, then click the last item while holding down SHIFT (for some reason this is much faster than (a) when there are many items).

Then start Message Saver as usual.

I hope this helps you.

Advansys Support

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