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    Using GW 6.5.4 client on an XP SP3 system logged in as a administrator. Manually enabled Windows Script Host by editing registry. Installed Formativ Runtime w/ common defaults for all users w/o issue. Installed Enterprise Proxy 1.2 for current user only w/o issue. No errors reported during installation of Formativ products.

    Started GW client and following error displayed when selecting APPLETS, RUN, ENTERPRISE PROXY:

    Error Reading Form
    Error reading imgList.Bitmap: Failed to read ImageList data from stream. Ignore the error and continue?

    Note: Ignoring the error may cause components to be deleted or property values to be lost.

    Searched for error and suspect it is a Delphi issue. Nothing found in existing forums when searching for words in error dialog.

    Ignore All presents app, and was able to enter information for domain and post office. Even generated trusted app for domain. GW object list is displayed but following error is displayed when trying to edit properties for any user selected:

    The user account could not be accessed. This may occur if the Post Office containing the user requires specific connection properties to be defined (done), or if the Trusted Application object has not syncronized throughout your GroupWise system. Try selecting the owning Post Office object and click the PO Settings… option (done). If the proper persists, post a question or search the Formativ support forums (done) to check if a simiar question has been answered already. See the documentation for assistance.

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