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Did you run the Formativ installer interactively or silently (using a configuration file)?

After installing Formativ Creator, you should expect to see the following changes to the GroupWise main window:

  • A new menu “Applets” (or “Formativ”);
  • New items on the Help menu, eg. “About Formativ…”;
  • A new button on the toolbar, whose icon shows a paper scroll and triangle, to open the Formativ IDE, (next to the “Open Calendar” button).

You will not see other toolbar buttons until you install Formativ solutions which integrate with the GroupWise toolbar.

If you do not see these GroupWise integrations, have a look at the settings in the Formativ applet in the Windows Control Panel. You should have the following settings (at a minimum):

  • On the General tab, in the box Enable/Disable Features all items should be checked;
  • On the Local Config tab, in the box Settings, Formativ is enabled should be checked;
  • On the Local Config tab, in the box Formativ Menu Appears in GroupWise if… all items should be checked.

I hope this helps you. Please let me know how you go.

Advansys Support