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Yes, adding the “msgclass7_0.txt” file will solve the issue. Formativ installer should add the “msgclass7_0.txt” to the installation folder. We haven’t had any report about this issue, it could be an environmental issue to this specific machine. Can you re-produce this behaviour to another machine?

Message class file (context files) was developed to cater for the different language clients, and menu structures that change between versions. A context file is a simple text file formatted using the ‘INI’ convention of Name and Value pairs. Formativ loads the context file that matches the major and minor version numbers of the GroupWise client. It will support any minor release (i.e. 7.0.1, 7.0.2, etc). If a user, need to add a menu item, and they are not using the English client, they will have to localize the appropriate menu file prior to defining the integration. It is not necessary to localize the entire file, just the part containing the menu item of interest.

Hope this helps.

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