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    At the moment the issue seems to be fixed. There was a small logical mistake in my code. This could cause acting on the wrong recipient adress if the number of recipient-adresses was more then 1 (and the wanted adress was not on the first position).

    The applet is now reading a config from an access-database, and acting on recipient, and/or sender, and/or subject and/or attechement the attachement is saved in the correct directory where the correct application can pick it up and process.




    Originally posted by Support 1:
    Thank you for your posting. Have you made any progress on this issue? Having Formativ installed does not change the addressing format used by GroupWise. Address formats are dictated by the way GroupWise is configured.

    If the email format is not sufficient, and you are unable to change your GroupWise configuration to fix it, you may need to change your approach. For example, you may be able to look for something in the subject.


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