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I sent an email with 2 attachments. Here is a copy of the email sent:
I posted an event on the eDirectory/NDS Management page and am replying to the latest event posted by Support. I have attached 2 files. #1 is when I am associated to a configuration object, but even though I have security equivalence to the FormativAdministrator object, I cannot edit or create macros….I just get the Applets menu and then Run. File #2 is when I take away association to the config object, reinstall the Formativ Admin and start Groupwise. Then I am able to create or modify macros but obviously I do not see any configuration.

The only recent changes have been an upgrade of Formativ Admin to the new version and I recently installed Windows XP on my computer. I did, however, also reproduce the events on a computer that had Windows 2000 and the same setup I had before.

Thanks for your help,