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First, a comment on this forum: I don’t see a ready way to “quote” when doing a reply.

When you replied “Yes” to my previous query about the eval, does that mean it *is* fully functional, or it *is not* fully functional?

In any event – I am unable to actually send email.

The email all seems to end up in the “trash”, if I do a “send now”. There are actually two copies of each message there, one from the “Work in Progress” Folder, the other from “Mailbox”.

The latter is bolded and status is “pending”.

Oddly, they also claim to have different authors. I do have several “accounts”, 1 a GW account, the others pop3 accounts. It seems to have confused them.

If I do a delayed send, the messages seem to end up in the sent folder, in a pending status, but never send. From testing, it appears I and do a “resend” individually, and it will go out.

This is with GW 7.01, not FTF’s at all.

Now, it strikes me I should mention that I am attempting to send these with GWIA down, as the particular account I am authoring from, is a “pop3” account as I do not have the GW system provisioned to deal with multiple domains.

joe a.