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    Thank you for your response. Here is the applet I’m using:

    ‘ 3/1/06 rdr Created
    ‘ Allow email sender to insert a standard customer warning message on top of
    ‘ the composing message body to warn recipient not to send sensitive personal
    ‘ information via email

    Sub Main(Client, GWEvent)
    Dim Msg
    Dim textLine
    Dim textMessage
    Dim StrMsg
    Dim StrNewMsg

    textLine = “________________________________________________________”
    textMessage = “For future reference, to protect the confidentiality of your”_
    + ” financial information, please do not include personal ” _
    + “information such as account numbers, card numbers, or ” _
    + “social security numbers in email messages. Regular email ” _
    + “messages are not secure and therefore should not be used ” _
    + “to communicate confidential information. “

    Set Msg = GroupWise.ComposingItem

    if (not Msg is Nothing) then
    strNewMsg = textLine _
    + vbCRLF + vbCRLF + textMessage + vbCRLF _
    + textLine + vbCRLF + vbCRLF + Msg.BodyText
    iSyntax = “ItemSetText(“”X00″”;10;””” & strNewMsg & “””;0;1)”
    msgBox groupWise.throwToken(iSyntax, iReturnVal)
    ‘call GroupWise.ItemSetText(“X00”, itfMessage, strNewMsg, false)

    Set Msg = nothing
    MsgBox(“no gw items were available to insert text”)
    end if

    End Sub

    You’re right that the test you describe above works well. In fact, I’m more puzzled now. For some reason though, if you type the (), {} within the message body, Msg.BodyText with throwToken’s iReturnVal comes back false and the applet fails.

    Thanks for your ideas,