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I’m glad to find someone with the same problem. I wrote a simular solution a few years ago, and I learned to live with it. We have to import about 20.000 entries each day. On a fresh Groupwise system, it takes about 2-3 hours, but as time goes by it increased up to 10 hours.
A month ago, the total time suddenly increased up to 18 (!) hours.

At first I thought the internal database is corrupt, or at least for removed contacts, the disk space was not released. The userxxx.db file for that user was about 3 GB. After running gwcheck.exe the problem still exists.

For now I’m trying to figure out a solution to do once in a week a full import (friday), and on the other working days, just import records that have been changed.

For Advansys Support, if Novell knows about this problem, please keep asking them to work on a solution as these imports are very important for us.