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    Sorry for the delay in our response.

    It looks like you can achieve your enhancement request using Formativ. You can write a function to create and send an Appointment when the user being prompted to “Would you like to book an appt now?” and pressed the ok button. If you are using GroupWise 7 then you can create a sub-calendar and share the calendar with other users. Select Calendar folder and choose “New Calendar” popup menu option to create a new calendar. Choose “Sharing…” popup menu option to provide the share users list. You can use the Formativ to create posted Appointment into this shared sub-calendar. Please see below an example to create posted Appointment into a sub-calendar.

    See the Object API (http://developer.novell.com/documentation/gwobjapi/index.html?gwobjenu/data/h7ikbsqg.html), Formativ Language Guide and Developers Guide for more information.

    ' This sample code create a posted Appointment into a sub-calendar called
    ' "Prenatal Calendar". The idea is to share the sub-calendar with other users so
    ' that shared users can add or modify the calendar items. This sub-calendar
    ' option is only available in GroupWise 7 or later version.
    Sub Main(Client, GWEvent)
      CreateAppointment("Prenatal Calendar")
    End Sub
    ' Create posted appointment in sub-calendar folder. You can share this sub-calendar
    ' folder with others users so that shared users can view the calendar messages.
    sub CreateAppointment(aSubFolderName)
      dim oAppt
      dim oFolder
      dim oSubCalendar
      set oSubCalendar = nothing
      for each oFolder in groupwise.account.calendar.folders
        if (ucase(oFolder.name) = ucase(aSubFolderName)) then
          set oSubCalendar = oFolder
          exit for
        end if
      if (oSubCalendar is nothing) then
        exit sub
      end if
      set oAppt = nothing
      set oAppt = oSubCalendar.messages.add("GW.MESSAGE.APPOINTMENT", fgwPersonal)
      oAppt.StartDate = now
      oAppt.EndDate = DateAdd("h", 1, now)
      oAppt.Place = "Office"
      oAppt.Subject.plaintext = "Test Appointment: " & now
      oAppt.BodyText.plaintext = "Test appointment. Please ignore."
      set oAppt = nothing
      set oFolder = nothing
      set oSubCalendar = nothing
    end sub

    Hope this helps.

    Advansys Support