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    I am creating a monthly activities form and within the form the user must indicate which program they used and what guidelines have been met. The user will only ever be referencing a single program but could select a number of guidelines achieved. The list of guidelines is extensive per program. I would like the user to indicate which program they are reporting on and only display the guidelines pertinent to that program. I envisioned them selecting from a combo box the program and in a listview populate the guidelines for there selection dynamically? Can this be done in a single form?

    Dynamically is the problem ! Because it depands where you store Guidelines and Programm items

    I think you could used Library Smile

    Create a classification with C1 for a library. In it, you place name of programm for each entry.
    Created your Guideline in files (not only text file, PDF could be right)
    Store in library theses Guidelines
    In your Form , input a combo generated by Library fields (eg programms)
    When your users select a programme , make a search in Library and preview the Guideline

    DMS is a great tools Wink

    Hope this help

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