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    Sorry, we could not find the response to the earlier thread. May be the issue has been resolved by the user.

    Anyway, we have able to re-produce the problem today. It appears that the issue of initializing dialog only happen if the Stationery solution unable to locate the default stationery file. For example: You can re-produce the issue by setting the the default stationery to “Cappucino Note” then rename the “Cappucino Note” stationery file name in the disk, usually in “C:Documents and SettingsUSER_NAMELocal SettingsApplication DataAdvansysFormativ1.0DataStationeryExamples”.


    • Reset the default stationery. Hold the SHIFT key down prior to execute the Stationery solution, select a stationery and click “Set as default” option.
    • Edit the stationery ini file, usually in “C:Documents and SettingsUSER_NAMELocal SettingsApplication DataAdvansysFormativ1.0Configstationery.ini”. Update the “Last Stationery” value. For example: “Last Stationery=Cappucino Note”.

    I have created a bug entry for this issue and we will fix this in future release.

    Advansys Support