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    It certainly appears the problem is related to the fact you cannot see an object class for the Global Applets object, which I assume is a Formativ Applet Library or the class called advansysFvScriptLib.

    Unfortunately, we do not have other reports of a similar nature which may offer an explanation.

    Perhaps the schema did not extend successfully or there is a problem with the Formativ snapin? Were there any errors when you ran the schema extension Wizard?

    I have updated from 1.3.6 to 1.3.6e and all seems to work fine here with respect to the Formativ snapin.

    I presume you have been following the information in the Formativ Studio guide with respect to eDirectory integration?

    When running in Formativ Administration mode, when you start Formativ Studio, you should see in the status bar (left hand side bottom) of the dialog, the text:

    Administrator Mode (your email address)

    In addition, you can see the Formativ Configration information in the Formativ About dialog. This may provide some clues, although I suspect you need to identify why the object class for the Formativ Applet Library is not visible.

    If you cannot determine the cause and rectify the missing class issue, we will need to consider the next step in troubleshooting.


    Advansys Support