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Dear L.P.,

Thank you for your enquiry.

If you want the custom data to be available at the GroupWise account level (ie. not limited to a specific machine), then consider using the Web Browser technique.

Alternatively, you could take advantage of the user application data options provided by Microsoft Windows 2000 and later (roaming, non-roaming, per machine). The following sample illustrates how to obtain the Windows data folder for a specific, roaming user, eg. the user application data folder could be on a file server:

  dim oFileSystem
  dim iFilePath

  set oFileSystem = Utilities.FileSystem
  with oFileSystem
    iFilePath = .PathAddSeparator(.PathAppData) & "Advansys"
    iFilePath = .PathAddSeparator(iFilePath) & "Stationery"
    iFilePath = .PathAddSeparator(iFilePath) & "Config.xml"
  end with

This might produce a file path like:

C:Documents and SettingsJane DoeApplication DataAdvansysStationeryConfig.xml

In the above example, the data is stored in XML but could equally be stored as CSV. Either form is also possible with a hidden GroupWise message (as in the Web Browser technique).

I hope this helps.

Advansys Support

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