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      Hi Advansys team,

      Is there a way to store and manage some informations common to all users ?

      For instance in one of your applets (Web Browser) you store the default page in a Task at a special date
      Great Workaround Wink but…

      In my case, i’d like to share one or two little tables (2/3 fileds and 10 reccord max) and i’d like to store there in GW. I try with a MySql or in NDS and it works. But in some case, the user is not logged in a tree and i can’t install a SQL base.
      It’s because i’d like to find a pure GW solution even ‘exotic’

      One way, perhaps, is to store these tables in DMS at a special ID but we can’t forced a ID number for a document and i’ll need to hard coded this ID in my applet. Bad way with more than 2 customers .

      Any idea ?

      L.P. Irovetz
      ARCANE GroupWare

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        Dear L.P.,

        Thank you for your enquiry.

        If you want the custom data to be available at the GroupWise account level (ie. not limited to a specific machine), then consider using the Web Browser technique.

        Alternatively, you could take advantage of the user application data options provided by Microsoft Windows 2000 and later (roaming, non-roaming, per machine). The following sample illustrates how to obtain the Windows data folder for a specific, roaming user, eg. the user application data folder could be on a file server:

          dim oFileSystem
          dim iFilePath
          set oFileSystem = Utilities.FileSystem
          with oFileSystem
            iFilePath = .PathAddSeparator(.PathAppData) & "Advansys"
            iFilePath = .PathAddSeparator(iFilePath) & "Stationery"
            iFilePath = .PathAddSeparator(iFilePath) & "Config.xml"
          end with

        This might produce a file path like:

        C:Documents and SettingsJane DoeApplication DataAdvansysStationeryConfig.xml

        In the above example, the data is stored in XML but could equally be stored as CSV. Either form is also possible with a hidden GroupWise message (as in the Web Browser technique).

        I hope this helps.

        Advansys Support

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          Thanks for your answer

          Perhaps my question wasn’t as precisie as needing.

          Fisrt, the environnement isn’t windows client aware. In most case, Novell client is the only network client and some time there are no network client and just GroupWise client. (Online but not NDS logged station).

          Second, these informations would be available from every Account object.

          One of my need to better explain.
          In adresse bokk we could used ‘Service’ field but there are no Service table. I need to know who is the service head to send mail to ‘service head’ and use a table in an applet to know who is it.

          Thanks for you thinking over

          LP Irovetz
          Arcane GroupWare

          Support 3

            Another thought, may be you can store the database to a FTP site. The applet will download the DB from the FTP site and store into user’s computer. The applet can check the date stamp for the DB and download once each day to avoid download per execution. You can also automate the process to upload the file to FTP. See below a sample code to download from web.

            iFileName = "http://www.mycompany.com/data/mydb.db"
            set oHTTPConnection = Utilities.HTTPConnection
            iBuffer = oHTTPConnection.Get(iFileName)
            call utilities.SaveStringToFile(iBuffer, "c:tempmydb.db", true)
            set oHTTPConnection = nothing

            Hope this helps.

            Advansys Support

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