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    ’cause we just want to install it in a citrix environment.

    Does this mean the user needs administrator rights on the wts-system?


    Originally posted by Support 1:
    Formativ 1.6 works better under WTS/Citrix, but is not 100% compatible for two reasons:

    a) The existing security system used by Formativ can be difficult to install in a WTS system. This can be worked around, but is tedious in certain situations. This will be addressed in the next major version. No release dates are currently available.

    b) The GroupWise C3PO architecture (used by Formativ and many other third party GroupWise applications) does not strictly comply with WTS standards, in that it requires user-specific entries to be made in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE hive of the Windows Registry. Novell are aware of this, but I cannot say when they will address this. Unfortunately, this is out of our control, and for this reason we cannot ‘offically’ support Formativ in a WTS environment. Again, this can be worked around, but it does mean Formativ may not operate as documented ‘out of the box’ in a WTS environment.

    In this regard, my comment above that Formativ 1.6 is designed to be compatible with WTS should probably read ‘designed to be more compatible with WTS’.

    I hope this clarifies the issue somewhat.

    Advansys Support