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    Just a quick note of clarification. As a Formativ Applet can operate only when the GroupWise Client is running, an applet cannot be used to start nor close the GroupWise Client.

    You need to write an external COM capable application, say in VB, VBA, C++, C#, Delphi etc., in order to start the GroupWise Client, call the new Formativ API and then close GroupWise. However, if you wish to run the export frequently, it may be better to consider leaving the GroupWise Client running and just call the Formativ API when you wish to export the address book.

    There are a few alternatives, although all have specific advantages/disadvantages depending on your requirements and resource availability.

    Advansys could modify the Address Book export applet to operate automatically on GroupWise Client startup and provide a simple notification when the applet is finished. You would still need an external application which started and closed the GroupWise Client and monitored for applet completion. The only difference with this approach is that you would not need to call the Formativ API, which is probably of little if no benefit.

    Another alternative is to write an application which uses the GroupWise Object API to export the address book information into .NAB format. With this approach, while you would need the GroupWise Client installed, you would not require the GroupWise Client to be running. This approach would not use Formativ and you could not use the applet to which you refer, i.e. you would need to write the code to export the target Address Book to .NAB format. If you are using GroupWise 7, you could write an application which uses the server side SOAP API, which does not require the GroupWise Client. However, again, you would need to write the total solution.

    If we have misunderstood your question, please let us know. Alternatively, you may wish to contact Advansys directly to further discuss your requirements.


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