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If I set my view to “Paul Sherry Home Custom Settings” the messages don’t appear. If I go to View, Display settings, Edit/Create then change from “Paul Sherry Home Custom” to “All Items” my panels disappear and I get a folder list including Fromative Portals, Drafts, Sent Items, Mailbox, etc. The messages that I removed the attachments from are listed at the bottom but none of my other messages from my Mailbox are there.

The view you are seeing is correct. “All Items” view of the “Home” folder should display all sub folders and any messages in that folder. It will not display any sub folder messages (i.e mailbox).


If I do the same thing in a folder under my cabinet it successfully deletes the attachment and leaves (or recreates) the message. I tried it again in my “home” folder and the message disappeared.

Please provide some details about how you tried the solution with “Home” folder. Have you selected the messages from the “Home” folder or “Mailbox” folder when the messages disappeared?

I suspect it may be something environmental or account specific. Can you re-produce the same behaviour in another account? Another thought, may be you create a personal folder and drag messages you want to remove the attachments into the folder then execute the applet.

Hope this helps.

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