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Using your downloaded 30 day evals. Are they not really fully functional?

Eval version are fully functional.


Using the personalized email(er) with GW 7.x. Can create the emails but they don’t really send. They seem to end up in the Trash. If I do a “send now”. If I attempt, using “advanced” send, the emails end up in the “Sent” folder, with a time stamp (apparenlty) of “now” (not “later”), but they still never send. If I do a “resend”, it will go out.

If the “Delete items from the sent items folder” check box is checked and enabled then the solution will delete the messages sent from the sent items folder. The idea is to minimize the account size when sending mass emails. This option will not effect the messages sent to recipients. Use the “Send Now” – “Advance Options” when you want to send the messages in different time. Please make sure to un-check the “Start sending messages on:” check box if you do not send the messages later (default is always un-check).

Please see the solution help for more information.

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