I’ve been a bit fuzzy here.

    What i have is a group of 2500+ users using groupwise 5.5. 300 of these users are getting migrated to exchange 2003. In groupwise 4.1 it was possible to create a view with groupwise view designer with a button which when clicked upon by the user would run a macro to give full proxy access to the users account for the specified account within the macro. This would then allow the exchange migration utility to run in order to transfer the users mail. Groupwise 5.5 doesn’t run the old 4.1 macros, hence i was looking for an alternative which would make
    life easy for the users, either by giving them a simple button click or by adding the proxy access in the silently in the background when they started up their groupwise client.

    The link below shows the macro as it was with exchange 5.5 and groupwise 4.1

    I had also downloaded the novell api material but not being much of a programmer became completely lost once i started looking at it.