On a related problem, is it possible to assign a user-defined field to all copies of an email?

See the code below to add user-defined field to a GroupWise message. Hope this helps.

dim oMsg
dim oField

On Error Resume Next

set oMsg = nothing
set oMsg = Client.ClientState.CommandMessage

‘ Access the user-defined field
set oField = nothing
set oField = oMsg.Fields.Item(“TagLine”, fgwString)

‘ If user-defined field assigned then display the value otherwise assign new value.
‘ You can also update existing user-defined field value.
if not oField is nothing then
msgbox “Existing value: ” & oField.value
msgbox “Setting user-defined field value”
call oMsg.Fields.Add(“TagLine”, fgwString, “Field value”)
end if

set oField = nothing
set oMsg = nothing