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    Thanks for reporting this problem.

    >I’ve seen this message on the HELP pdf file but it gives no indication to the reason behind it.

    Messages which are received from outside a GroupWise post office include the ‘system’ attachment Mime.822 (by default system attachments are hidden). Mime.822 stores all normal attachments in a specific format which is not generally human-readable. Message Saver tries to extract the attachments from Mime.822 but discards these if their number does not agree with the total reported by GroupWise, and instead tries to retrieve the ones extracted by GroupWise. We cannot guess at the reason for the discrepancy. We have seen, in rare cases, Message Saver extract more attachments than GroupWise has; Message Saver always uses the greater number extracted.

    When you open the saved message in Message Viewer, what do you see on the Save Log tab?

    It sounds like GroupWise was unable to save the attachments (Message Saver sends a request to GroupWise for this). There may be some data corruption which prevents access to these attachments. It may help to run GWCheck on the GroupWise account, to fix any database corruption.

    For any of the messages whose attachments do not save, are you able to use the GroupWise client to save the attachments manually? Is there anything special about the attachments, eg. very large?

    What is your version of GroupWise?

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