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    I am trying to save messages with Graphical and PDF file attachments. Unfortunatly All I save is the message, a large mime.882 file and attachments that have 0 bytes.

    When saving I get this warning message (amount of attachments differing for each message of course).

    1 of 1 message saved.
    1 message saved with a warning.

    The following applies to one or more messages that you selected for saving:
    – The number of MIME objects does not equal the number of attachments.

    When this dialog is closed, a log of this session will be displayed, with details of unsaved/problem messages.

    the full log reads:

    29/02/2008 10:13:33 Message Saver Process Log
    29/02/2008 10:13:33 User: Edon
    29/02/2008 10:13:33 Mode: Online
    29/02/2008 10:13:49 1 of 1 message saved.
    29/02/2008 10:13:49 1 message saved with a warning.
    29/02/2008 10:13:46 [Warning] 2 MIME object(s) but 3 GW attachment(s) were found
    Folder: CabinetAerospace Internet
    Message #: 1
    Message ID: 45EEE066.Yeovil.YeovilP.100.16B3736.1.EA84.1
    Subject: Original of picture
    Date: 07/03/2007 15:55:18

    I’ve seen this message on the HELP pdf file but it gives no indication to the reason behind it.

    Can anyone help please ?

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    Thanks for reporting this problem.

    >I’ve seen this message on the HELP pdf file but it gives no indication to the reason behind it.

    Messages which are received from outside a GroupWise post office include the ‘system’ attachment Mime.822 (by default system attachments are hidden). Mime.822 stores all normal attachments in a specific format which is not generally human-readable. Message Saver tries to extract the attachments from Mime.822 but discards these if their number does not agree with the total reported by GroupWise, and instead tries to retrieve the ones extracted by GroupWise. We cannot guess at the reason for the discrepancy. We have seen, in rare cases, Message Saver extract more attachments than GroupWise has; Message Saver always uses the greater number extracted.

    When you open the saved message in Message Viewer, what do you see on the Save Log tab?

    It sounds like GroupWise was unable to save the attachments (Message Saver sends a request to GroupWise for this). There may be some data corruption which prevents access to these attachments. It may help to run GWCheck on the GroupWise account, to fix any database corruption.

    For any of the messages whose attachments do not save, are you able to use the GroupWise client to save the attachments manually? Is there anything special about the attachments, eg. very large?

    What is your version of GroupWise?

    Advansys Support

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    Groupwise is 7.0.2

    Attachments can be seen and saved within Groupwise (you cannot see the mime.822)

    After saving the email the viewer shows the message, an icon for the appropriate attachment (ppt,jpg,gif etc) and the mime.822 icon. If you try to open the attachment the default application opens with nothing in it. The attachment shows as 0 bytes, the mime 822 show up with the size of the attachment.

    messages in the save log are like the one below:

    Date: 03/03/2008 07:19:58
    Status: One or more errors occurred
    2 MIME object(s) but 3 GW attachment(s) were found

    this one had a ppt attached.

    There is nothing special about the attachments.

    It looks like the mime.882 has the information OK but the viewer cannot extract it.

    Support 1

    Thanks for the clarification.

    Could you send a few sample messages to support@advansyscorp.com, please? It would be helpful if you include both the saved message (FML file) and the original GroupWise message (as an attachment) for comparison.

    In addition, please send your Formativ configuration. You can obtain the configuration by selecting Help | About Formativ… from the GroupWise main menu. When the About Formativ dialog appears, go to the Configuration tab and click the button Copy to clipboard. Then paste the text into your reply email (or save it to a plain-text file and include it as an attachment).

    Advansys Support

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