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Thanks for your reply but there are still some issues.

We wish to use a central store location and push the runtime program out with ZENWorks.


1. If you manually change the applet file locations through control panel the Runtime will only pick up encoded/flexalock applets. Is it designed only to pick these types up?

2. Using the config.ini file from ZENWorks, the run routine /s /i-config.ini, with the file in the same directory as the install program file the install doesn’t populates the paths correctly in the control panel applet;

The paths are (c: used for example);
Local Macros=c:localmacros
Shared Macros=c:sharedmacros
User Data=c:userdata
Library Backup=c:lib
System Path=C:Program FilesAdvansysFormativSystem
User Cache Path=c:usercachepath
Local Images Path=c:Program FilesAdvansysapplets
Local Help Path=c:Program FilesAdvansysapplets
Local Config Path=c:Program FilesAdvansysapplets

The above gives the following;
Location for personal applets – C:docs and settingsadministratormy docsadvansysformativapplets

Location for applet data – c:userdata

greyed out lib path – c:lib

So how do I change the path for the personal applet???