You are right, I am using GW 7. But, I get the string “7.0.2 HP” for the EnvVersionName so that the following code returns FALSE for me.

    (GroupWise.EnvVersionName > "7")

    I had to modify it to make it thusly:

      (Cint(Left(GroupWise.EnvVersionName,1))) >= 7)

    However, I then had to deal with the fact that the “Work In Progress” folder was in another folder. So I used the code above combined the “GetWIPFolderPath” function found elsewhere on these forums for that.

    But then… I figured out that you need to modify the draft message before it can be saved so I used this code:

    Call Groupwise.ItemSetText("X00", itfSubject, " COMPLETED", TRUE)  

    Now the message is saved in the “Work In Progress” folder. Yeah!

    But alas, I still get an “X00” message ID for all the iterations. What else am I missing? Is some sort of “refresh” needed?