Support 1a

    Sorry to hear you are having problems.

    Is it possible that you installed a newer version of the Business Solutions Pack applets around the time the applets stopped working? Assuming you could once run the applets, something must have changed within your environment.

    I would suggest the following steps:

    1. Use Windows Add/Remove programs to uninstall whatever version of Formativ is currently installed.

    2. Because you have a mix of old and new Business Solution Pack applets, manually backup all applets from your C:Program FilesAdvansysFormativLocal directory, then delete them.

    3. Manually delete the file formativ.cpl from the windows system32 directory.

    4. Install the version of Formativ you own a licence for. If you have not purchased a licence, install version 1.5. (Note you cannot mix version 1.0.x and 1.5 Business Solutions Pack Applets).

    5. I would suggest you open the Formativ Control panel applet, select the ‘Support’ tab and check the ’95/98/NT fix’ checkbox.

    If you still encounter problems, please email the following to support@advansyscorp.com:

    1. Your configuration information via the GroupWise main menu (Help|About Formativ)

    2. The zipped contents of your C:Program FilesAdvansysFormativLocal directory.

    Thank you.

    Advansys support